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In Loving Memory - Crafted From His Heart

"Crafted From His Heart" is inspired by Steve's unique touch on the piano giving such feeling in his recordings. It has 7 pieces which Steve either composed by himself or co-composed with a dear and talented colleague. There are also 4 more pieces arranged by Steve that he played at every concert. We can hear and feel how his music lifts our spirits and soothes our souls at once. May his music bring to mind the treasures he left us. Treasures meant to be shared. He hugged everyone, so pass on his music and a hug.   More

Natures Splendor DVD Steve Hall's new DVD....
"Nature's Splendor"

(also available in Blu-ray format)
Magnificent high definition scenes of
nature with 18 heartfelt
piano orchestrations.

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Bravo! CD

Just released, Fall, 2010, Bravo!
More of your favorite concert pieces performed by Steve and Daniel Hall on the Steinway Concert Grand Piano

Listen to Samples from “Bravo!”

On Eagles Wings CD Steve's Best Seller and Gold Record with over 700,000 copies sold!

  Listen to
from “On
Eagle’s Wings”

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library for

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A beautiful, relaxing musical journey...a favorite of Steve’s and best seller!
 Listen to The Notebook and other samples

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the many types of music, your encouragement over all these years and for sharing my recordings with others.


Celebrating 19 years and nearly
2 million albums sold

Steve is an International Steinway Artist

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